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How to Book a Hotel for Cheap - 10 Tips

Most people stay in a hotel for their vacation. Here are 10 tips to save money on your visit:

  1. Book Early - You’ll have more options and access to all the special rates.
  2. Look for amenities - Besides getting the lowest price per day, save even more by getting a hotel with free things like breakfast, coffee, Internet, pool and cable TV.
  3. Book Off-Season - If possible, don’t go on vacation in high season, you’ll get lower rates and it will be less crowded too.
  4. Book a Package Deal - Look for deals where you get your hotel, air fare, rental car, attractions tickets, etc. all for one inclusive price.
  5. Go in the middle of the week – Try not to stay on weekends, as that is when hotels charge the most.
  6. Stay in a hotel farther away – Hotels close to the attractions are much more expensive than ones a few miles away, so do some research on the available hotels in the area.
  7. Try asking for discounts – There are lots of available discounts from membership in auto clubs, being a senior, being a government worker, or more. Ask what ones you may qualify for when you book the room.
  8. Research parking in the hotel area – Some hotels charge for daily parking, so either book one with free parking, or if you can’t, then find out if local parking garages are cheaper than the hotel parking rates.
  9. Ask for a microwave and refrigerator in your hotel – Most hotels have this option and won’t charge you. This saves money since you can buy drinks, snacks and food and keep them in your room instead of hitting the expensive snack machines.
  10. Sign up for hotel loyalty programs – This way you can earn points for free rooms.

What Questions to Ask before Booking a Hotel

These will be important if you are getting ready to book a hotel room for your vacation:

1. Are there any places to eat or shop near the hotel?

While some hotels have restaurants, they are usually more expensive and their gift shop items are likely overpriced.

2. Is any sort of construction or remodeling happening at your location or nearby?

No one wants to find out, for example, that the pool is under repair or workers will be hammering and interrupting your concentration.
What is included and not excluded in my nightly room rate?
Likely fees could include parking, Internet, resort fees, etc.
How far away is the nearest hospital?
This is vital in case of an injury or other kind of emergency.

3. How far is the hotel from the entertainment sites you came to see or do? 

Ask for the directions and distance to the amusement park, baseball field, or whatever you were coming for.
What time is check in and check out?
Knowing this will help avoid extra fees, and keep you from losing your room.

4. What amenities does the hotel offer?

Amenities can vary greatly from free coffee to free Internet and everything in-between.
Which type of rooms do you have?
Some rooms have one bed, others two, and some include a couch bed. There are also suites or special rooms for handicapped people.

5. Is my room close to anything noisy?

Rooms could be beside the maintenance, laundry room or other noisy place.
Does the room have a balcony?
If your room is upstairs and you have a small child, you may not want a balcony for safety concerns.

6. What floor is my room going to be on? This info is vital, especially if you have a lot of luggage.

7.  Is breakfast included?

Many hotels include breakfast, but be sure to ask as some luxury ones don’t.