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Air Travel Health Tips

Travel by air is usually the best and quickest way to get somewhere, so if you are planning an air trip, then take note of the following health tips:
Deep-vein thrombosis – Air travel has been connected with blood clots in the legs, or deep vein thrombosis due to prolonged inactivity in a cramped airplane seat. It can show up several days after the trip and cause achy calves or possibly cause a clot large enough to break off and travel to the lungs, which could cause a pulmonary embolism and kill you. If you get reddish or blue legs or feet or sudden chest pain, then get to an emergency room right away. To prevent it, be sure to get up and walk around if you are on a long airline ride. Plus, you can wear loose clothing, don’t cross your legs, drink water, and take a baby aspirin before your flight.
Ear pain – At takeoff and landing, the air pressure in the plane can change and cause ear pain due to the high pressure stretching out the eardrum and the other membrane in the ear. If you chew some gum, do a few big yawns, or hold your nose closed and exhale carefully, you can get rid of the built up pressure. If you are traveling with a young baby, try giving them a bottle or a pacifier at takeoff and landing to help them avoid ear pain.
Jet lagIf you cross several time zones, then your body will be affected and it can cause problems such as nausea, headache, sleeping issues and trouble concentrating. Try to get some sleep before the time chance and be sure to drink lots of water. When you get to the new time zone, adjust your sleeping and eating habits to the new time zone. Try to make yourself stay awake until its bedtime in the new time zone.