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Top 10 Destinations for Couples

Young couples want to have fun and be romantic, so try one of these 10 destinations:
The Lake District
If you like the outdoors, head to the Lake District in the UK and stay in a cozy and romantic cottage. Explore lakes, go sailing, swimming, and walk around the local villages.
North Devon is great to save on your budget. Go surfing, swimming, or walk along the beach. Then spend the night is a lovely little cottage.
Barbados is very exotic and beautiful. There are secluded beaches to take your loved one and lots of great places to relax and enjoy yourselves.
Rome is exciting with delicious food, laid back atmosphere, and lots of romantic fountains, and a nightlife to die for.
The Greek Islands
The Greek Islands have romantic cruises, beautiful islands, sandy beaches, warm weather and great food for a romantic stress free escape.
Cape Verde
Go to Cape Verde for sub-tropical weather, warm seas and sandy beaches. You can party with the locals or just relax and be pampered.
Tenerife is a great party destination for young couples with the secluded beaches, party areas, sightseeing, and more.
Ibiza is another fantastic getaway for couples. Go to the clubs to party hearty or go to the beach to unwind with your sweetie.
Florida has it all with beaches, amusement parks, and an exciting nightlife. Miami and Orlando are two of the most popular towns for holidays. Plus, its warm, sunny and beautiful most of the year.
Ah Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Go see the Eiffel Tower, the gorgeous Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame as well as, the luxurious Seine River. Then try some of the city’s world famous food and visit the fantastic art museums.