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Top 10 Possible Hotel Problems and How to Avoid Them?

Many people stay in hotels every day around the world, but sometimes the stay may not be as pleasant or trouble free as you would like. Here are some possible problems and ways to avoid them:
Noise – Noise is a common problem that can happen in any hotel whether it is a cheap one or an expensive one. If you experience noise you need to tell the manager so they can move you to a new room or at least compensate you in some other way. Ask ahead of time if something is going on that could cause excess noise.
Bad Room Maintenance – Another issue could be that something in the room doesn’t work, i.e. the air conditioner, heater, TV, etc. In order to avoid this, ask that the room be checked prior to you arriving to make sure everything is in order. If not, then ask for another room or some sort of compensation.
Dirty Room – There is no excuse for a dirty room. Ask for a new one or ask for your money back.  A hotel should be able to control cleanliness.
Unexpected Charges – To avoid unexpected fees, always ask in advance if the hotel charges extra for things like Internet, breakfast, laundry, parking, etc.

Pet allergies – If you are allergic to dogs or cats, avoid the problem of your allergy acting up by not staying in pet friendly hotels. Just ask ahead of time if they allow pets.
Overbooking – If the hotel gets overbooked and you arrive late and don’t get the room you reserved, then ask if they will lower the cost of your room or give you a new room at one of the hotels nearby at their expense. Avoid this by asking about their overbooking policy. Always get your confirmation in writing to keep this from happening.